Richmond Hill Arena

Youth Spring/Summer 2017 3-on-3 Leagues

Enjoy the fun of the “Fastest Game On Ice”

“Pond Hockey, (3 on 3) is an excellent opportunity for players to develop all their skills in a fun environment. National Training Rinks’ smaller ice surfaces produce a higher number of turnovers during games, making the game much faster. When you “decrease space, you increase the pace”. Players must skate, handle the puck more often and be more creative with the puck because of the limited number of passing options. Anticipation, passing, shooting, dekeing, reading situations and creative skills are developed, which leads to more confidence.”
– Rick Cornacchia, Former OHL Coach

“3 on 3 is a great way to develop high tempo stickhandling and quick decision making capabilities, all while having a tremendous amount of fun!”
– Mike Gartner, NHL Hall of Famer

NTR Pond Hockey offers the following benefits:

  • Non-stop action
  • Individual or team entries
  • 45-minute games
  • Leagues for all ages and levels
  • House League, Select and AE players will make up one category for all ages
  • Rep – A, AA & AAA
  • Choice of days
  • 9 players, 1 goalie per team
  • Minimum 15-game schedule
  • 1 game per week
  • Dramatically improve skills
  • Parent Volunteers welcome to encourage players & open gates for rapid line changes.
  • No games on holiday weekends
  • League volunteer conveners also welcome to help co-ordinate divisions

Our Pond Hockey League (PHL) Age Divisions & Dates are listed below.
15 game schedule will start Friday, April 28th, 2017.

House League, Select & AE players will be in the same division
*Rep = ‘A’ , ‘AA’ & ‘AAA’ Players will make up one category for all ages. Teams and individuals enter at their own responsibility regarding level/calibre of play
*We reserve the right to balance teams if necessary.

Click here to download the registration form

The registration links below are for individuals only. If you are a goalie
or wish to be placed on a team with another player, please call the
office at 905 884 1121 to register.  

House League, Select & AE and
Rep Divisions – A, AA & AAA

Tyke 2010 & 2011-  Call to register Fridays
Novice HL/Select 2008 & 2009- Call to register Wednesdays
Novice Rep 2008 & 2009- Call to register 
Novice – All Levels 2008 & 2009-  Call to register Sundays
Atom HL/Select 2006 & 2007-  Call to register Mondays 
Atom Rep 2006 & 2007-  Call to register Mondays
Atom – All Levels 2006 & 2007-  Call to register Sundays
Peewee HL/Select 2004 & 2005-  Call to register Wednesdays
Peewee Rep 2004 & 2005-  Call to register Wednesdays 
Peewee-All Levels        
2004 & 2005-  Call to register Sundays
Bantam HL/Select 2002 & 2003-  Call to register Thursdays
Bantam Rep 2002 & 2003-  Call to register Thursdays
Midget HL/Select 1999/00/01-   Call to register Tuesdays
Midget Rep 1999/00/01-   Call to register Tuesdays


Team Entry 9 players + 1 goalie $2999 + HST per team
Team Jerseys Optional $199.00 + HST
Three Players Same Family, Jersey included $945.00 + HST
Two Players Same Family, Jersey Included $635.00 + HST
Individual Entry Jersey  included $329.00 + HST
  • All teams must have two adult coaches
  • No Drop-in players or substitutions
  • Teams may register up to 12 players but can only dress 9 players & 1 goalie.
  • Teams must have matching and numbered sweaters
  • $1000 deposit payment due with registration
  • Full payment due before first game 
  • Teams will not be allowed to play until full payment has been received

Click here to download the registration form