Summer Clinics

This clinic will work on using your inside/outside edges, stickhandling & proper placement of hands, we will work on shooting techniques, along with working on balance and coordination.

This program will work on shooting techniques, shooting accuracy, weight transfer while shooting, skills around the net, attacking the net, all in the effort to develop a goal scorers mentality.

This program will focus on continuing to improve skating skills as well as basic hockey fundamental skills. This is a program for children that already have some hockey experience & must have completed Learn to Play Hockey or an equivalent program.

This program that is designed for children who have completed ABC's of Hockey, or something equivalent, who are looking to work on their shooting skills, their stick handling skills, and deking skills. All three skills will be taught both stationary and while in stride, to put these skills to use in game situations.

In this program participants will work on puck control, shot selection, generating offensive scoring chances, and learning how to make their shot more deceptive.

In this program kids will work on angling, offensive zone shooting, puck retrievals, breakout drills, they will work on zone transitions, along with learning how to escape forechecking pressure.

In this program participants will work on having the proper upper body posture while skating, they will work on crossover techniques that will help them accelerate, they will work on proper stride technique and making sure they use the full extension of their stride.

In this program participants with work on 50/50 puck battles, they will work on puck skills, they will work on body positioning, they will work on stick strength, while also taking in part in drills that will promote creativity with the puck.

In this clinic, we will be working on skills that are required to be a top line player, such as skating, edge work, puck handling, shooting, and much more.

This program will focus on a wide range of goaltending specific skills which will include skating, technical drills, and more. All goaltending programs are under the direction of Greg Redquest, Head Goalie Coach with Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).


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