Summer Day Camps

This Camp is designed for rep level players who currently have some technical understanding of skating, shooting, puck handling and want to take their game to the next level.
This all day camp will include 3 hours of on ice instruction and games. While on ice players will learn the fundamentals of the wrist shot, snap shot, and back hand. NTR coaches will use a wide variety of stations and drills to challenge the players and encourage the players to attempt their new shooting technique. Our coaches will utilize stations to group players together with similar abilities. Off the ice players spend time playing other sports such as soccer, flag football, soccer baseball, and other team challenges and games.
This day camp will consist of 3 hours of on ice instruction. Our NTR coach will teach the fundamentals of skating as it pertains to generating speed and improving the players balance and coordination. This will enhance the player's ability to generate speed and remain elusive. The player will also be challenged with a variety of stick handling stations and drills to help them improve their puck handling technique.
On-ice, this camp is designed for players of all abilities that want to improve their hockey skills. This day camp will consist of 3 hours spent on the ice developing the athletes skating, shooting, puck handling and passing ability along with a variety of challenging races and games.
Off-ice the athletes will play a variety of sports, soccer, flag football, soccer baseball, dodge ball, along with team challenges.
This camp will consist of one hour on the ice, no hockey playing experience required, full equipment will not be required. One the ice the participants will learn the basics of skating, proper stance, knee bend, introduction into the stride and balance. Off-ice the day will be filled with arts and crafts, and various sports and games at the park.


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