End-to-End Defence Skills

End-to-End Defense Hockey Skills will improve a player’s overall ability to play the position. We will continue to build on and teach necessary foundational skating skills important to the game of hockey along with introducing skating skills, puck skills, tactics and strategies required of an athlete to be effective; contributing at the defense position.

Skills that will be taught, corrected and reinforced are transition, walking the blue line, executing escapes, shooting, introduction to breakouts, gap control, and defending stick on puckThis program is designed with a systematic approach to developing the player with the use of progressions and regressions to create new game habits.

Ages 9-14
January 2nd - January 5th1:00pm - 3:00pm$279+HSTREGISTER NOW


  • 705-722-5752
  • barrie@ntrcanada.com


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