Rep Skills Development

Must have played Select Hockey or higher to register

This program is designed around improving the player’s ability in the areas of shooting and goal scoring. Skating will be a focus of this program as it vital to the game of hockey. It is extremely important to have a strong skating base, with the ability to transfer body weight back and forth when shooting a puck. Skating, puck control, shooting, changing the shooting angle, deception, and other skills/tactics will be taught to transform players into a lethal goal-scoring machine.

Rep Development will improve a players ability to create more offense and more offensive scoring chances.   Improving individual skills along with offensive awareness will be a main focal point. This program is designed with a systematic approach to developing the player with the use of progressions and regressions to create new game habits.

15 mins skating – edges – weight transfer – etc

45 mins shooting – scoring – shot type – creating offense

Starting March 29th
Monday5:00pm - 6:00pm (Ages 8+)$119 +HSTREGISTER NOW
Wednesday6:00pm - 7:00pm (Ages 12+)$119 +HSTREGISTER NOW

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