Ultimate Scorer for Young Guns – Ages 6+

This program will focus on fundamentals of shooting while stationary and while in stride. Players will learn how to properly transfer their weight to get more power into their shot with both forehand and backhand. Wrist shots, snap shots, backhands, and one timer will be developed in this program. Players will begin to develop these skills and will be able to execute these skills while in stride with their head up.

Different stickhandling/dekes will be taught to allow the player to get into scoring situations in a game. Developing the ability to skate with the puck at full speed and shoot while at full speed will build the skaters goal scoring confidence.

Players will be taught basic knowledge for in game situations, understanding when and where to shoot, or deke.

Class break down – 15 minutes skating (with puck) – 20 minutes shooting development – 20 minutes drills/ stations – 5 minute game.

*All players must have 2 years of hockey experience

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