Advanced Power Skating & Agility – 9+

This program is for the player looking to improve their skating ability and take their speed to the next level. Improving the players skating technique with and without the puck, continuing to reinforce foundational skating skills important to the game of hockey will be the main focus of this program. Athletes will be taught, corrected, and encouraged to challenge themselves in multiple areas of skating the game. Stride Length / Cross over + Acceleration will improve a player’s speed by way of focus on execution of proper technique. Establishing a strong base, length of stride, use of cross overs, correct use of outside edge in a crossover, acceleration while stationary and moving, turning/ change of direction are skating skills that will be taught, corrected and reinforced. This program is designed with a systematic approach to developing the player with the use of progressions and regressions to create new game habits.

40 mins skating – skating the game with/without pucks  - 20 mins drills incorporating skating skills/puck handling/shooting as it relates to the game.

All players must play A/AA/AAA


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