Ages 3.5 - 8

These programs are an introduction to skating and transition into skating combined with hockey skills as the participants move through the programs. The primary focus for all of our programs will be the fundamentals of skating, stance, balance, gliding, and stopping. These basic skating skills are essential to creating a strong foundation and have participants prepared for the next steps in their development. 

Ages 5-8

These programs are evaluation/transition programs that allow you to transition from our Learn to Programs into our Intro to Hockey Programs with our ABC's of Hockey program. In these programs we will review all of the previous skills with instruction of more advanced hockey skills, terminology & game knowledge.

Ages 6-8

In these programs we will continue the development of more advanced edge work, stickhandling skills, shooting & shooting strategies, along with gameplay knowledge. These programs typically will do consist of skating drills, stations and full ice drills.

Ages 9+

These programs will continue to work develop the athlete in specific areas of the game as well as improve their overall ability. Players will need a strong base of foundational skating skills (weight transfer, inside/outside edge control, plus balance).

Ages 6-13

In these programs they will work on a wide range of goaltending specific skills including skating drills. These programs are ran under the direction of Greg Redquest.

Ages 8+

These programs are designed for participants who are a little older that are looking to learn how to skate or learn how to play hockey. These programs are designed for participants that are beginners/intermediate with their skating or hockey skills.


With our Adult programs, we offer a range of programs for Beginners to Intermediate skill levels. Our programs are co-ed designed for adults looking to improve their skating/hockey skills.


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