Age 9+

In this program kids will work on angling, offensive zone shooting, puck retrievals, breakout drills, they will work on zone transitions, along with learning how to escape forechecking pressure.

Age 9+

In this program participants will work on puck control, shot selection, generating offensive scoring chances, and learning how to make their shot more deceptive.

Age 9+

In this program participants will work on having the proper upper body posture while skating, they will work on crossover techniques that will help them accelerate, they will work on proper stride technique and making sure they use the full extension of their stride.

Power Skating & Puck Control

Age 9+

This is a great program for players that want to continue their skating and puck handling development. Players participating in this program should have 1-2 years or organized hockey experience. This program will be divided into two portions, the first 25 minutes will be devoted to power skating. The following 25 minutes will be devoted to puck control. There will also be a game to finish each session.

Age 9+

In this program participants with work on 50/50 puck battles, they will work on puck skills, they will work on body positioning, they will work on stick strength, while also taking in part in drills that will promote creativity with the puck.

Advanced Skill Development & 3 on 3

Age 9+

This program is for 2013/2014 aged level players that need to be challenged with more difficult skills and Drills.


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