Jr. Danglers & Edge Control

Head Instructor: Zach McCullough - Hockey Canada Certified Skills Coach, OHL Barrie Colts Skills Coach

Danny Logan - Level 1 Certified Skills Instructor

Players must have the basic skills and hockey knowledge, as outlined in the “ABC’s of Hockey Evaluation Program”, in order to be able to take part in Jr. Danglers and Edge Control. The previous skills taught will be challenged further in this program with an equal focus on puck handling and the use of their edges. Balance will improve week to week as skating stance and hockey stance will continue to be worked on in this program. Balance and glide will improve in skating/hockey stance as well as on one foot. Challenging the players ability to use inside and outside edges will allow them to take their skating to the next level and become a more efficient skater. Balance and edges will improve the skater’s ability to tight turn, cross over and transition more effectively. Skaters will be challenged with more difficult skating techniques such as mohawks. This program will provide a further understanding on skating the game and different stick handling techniques.

More advanced stick handling skills will be taught at this level, where players will start to learn how to properly use their top hand to control the puck. Proper use of forehand and backhand at the proper times will be consistently improved upon. Advanced stickhandling techniques such as toe drags will help take the players confidence to deke an opponent to the next level. All stick handling will be taught both stationary and while in stride to put these skills into game situations.

Class Breakdown – 20 minutes skating focus – 20 minutes stick handling – 20 minutes full ice drills/stations

Sept 5 - Oct 29th
Tuesday5:00pm-6:00pm (8 weeks)$279+HSTREGISTER NOW

Oct 30th - Dec 23rd
Tuesday5:00pm-6:00pm (8 weeks)$279+HSTREGISTER NOW


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