Ages 3.5+

This program is ideal for kids who are just learning how to skate or have limited skating experience. In this program kids will learn basic skating skills such as balance, gliding, stopping, crossovers, along with forward & backward skating. This program is step one in our skating process at NTR, where your children will develop a strong foundation of skating skills that will benefit them as they develop.

*Requires skates & a hockey helmet with a cage on the front

Ages 4+

This program is for kids who have completed the Learn to Skate program or something equivalent, & are looking to learn the fundamentals of skating for hockey. Participants must be able to skate a full lap of the rink using both feet, with an ability to push and glide. They should also be able to skate the length of the ice backwards & be able to stop.

*Requires full hockey equipment

Ages 5+

This is a program is for kids who have a strong skating base and are looking to learn basic hockey skills. Participants must be proficient in their forwards & backwards skating, must understand the concept of stopping with both skates & the concept of crossovers. In this program participants will continue to work on their skating abilities, plus basic stickhandling, they will work on shooting & passing skills, along with gaining some hockey knowledge as well.

*Requires full hockey equipment

Ages 8+

This program is designed for those who have developed a desire to learn how to skate at an older age. This program will work on basic skating skills which include balance, gliding, stopping, crossovers, skating forwards & backwards.

*Requires skates & hockey helmet with a cage on the front


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